Join the Revolution or Feed the Revolution? Why not both!

We've talked about it a lot here: bugs are a great protein source, usually for someone else. Starbucks customers, for example, cheered when the company announced it was removing an artificial coloring in its Frappuccino - until they learned that the organic coloring alternative, long used throughout history, was ground up cochineal bugs.

Salt Lake City-based company Chapul Inc. is selling an energy bar for the less squeamish. It's natural ingredients include dates, agave nectar, coconut, ginger, lime and dark chocolate. Oh, and crickets. Patrick Crowley says crickets are more environmentally friendly than cow protein.

Crickets are something of a novelty in the U.S. but it was easy enough to get FDA approval. They're no more dangerous than genetically modified sugar beets or any other food technology.

So if you want to get some protein and some energy and save Gaea from evil cows, Chapul is the way to go.

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