The Original Cricket Energy Bar
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  • Aztec Bar
    Dark Chocolate, Coffee, & Cayenne

    A nut free offering, the Aztec Bar is a simple combination of dates, cocoa, coffee beans, cricket flour and a late blooming wave of cayenne heat. By mixing the sweet, bitter, and spicy we've created a tasty and exciting flavor.

  • Chaco Bar

    Our original flavor. Inspired by the efficient Chaco people, a pre-Columbian civilization in the Colorado River Watershed, the Chaco Bar is a delicious blend of dates, chocolate and peanuts, cricket flour and Omega-3's from flax seed. 

  • Thai Bar

    Inspired by Thai jing leed recipies, Chapul’s Thai Bar is a delicious mix of coconut, ginger, cricket flour and a tangy hint of lime. After a few Thai bars, you’ll be looking up jing leed recipes for your next dinner party…

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Why eat insects?

Insects are an extremely healthy, delicious, and sustainable form of protein. Humans have evolved eating insects, and even today, 80% of countries around the world have them on the menu in some form.
About Chapul

Is it sustainable?

Insects require less land resources, emit fewer greenhouse gasses, and have a much smaller water demand than livestock and animal substitutes such as soy, corn, and rice.

Water Conservation

Chapul was inpired by the need for a more water-efficient food supply. The majority of global water use is dedicated to agriculture, often very inefficiently.
In addition to inspiring changes to our cuisine. Chapul donates 1% of sales to water sustainablity projects.
Our Mission