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Ancient Protein For A Healthy Future

Leave conventional fears behind and join us in a good food revolution. 

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2x the Protein Than Beef

Chapul Cricket Flour has twice the protein and only half the fat than beef, contains all essential amino acids, and is high in micronutrients and prebiotic fiber.

Planning for the Future

Insects are a sustainable form of protein that are nutritionally superior and more adaptable to a changing climate than many plant-based protein sources.

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Chapul: Ancient protein for a healthy future

Our Flavor of the Month: Thai Coconut

Notes from the field

International Society of Sports Nutrition's Recent Study = Incomplete

  Less than a month ago, the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) updated its “objective and critical” suggestion for how much protein...
A Vegetarian Diet Led Me To Cricket Protein Flour

A Vegetarian Diet Led Me To Cricket Protein Flour

Chapul ambassador Sarah Park set the stage in maintaining her on the move vegetarian. Cricket flour supplements the needed B-12, iron and protein. ...
Life in Spandex

Life in Spandex

Chapul ambassador Lexi Burkholder finds life in the oval office. Read her story on training for speed skating and maintaining a healthy diet full o...