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2x the Protein Than Beef

Chapul Cricket Flour has twice the protein and only half the fat than beef, contains all essential amino acids, and is high in micronutrients and prebiotic fiber.

Planning for the Future

Insects are a sustainable form of protein that are nutritionally superior and more adaptable to a changing climate than many plant-based protein sources.

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Chapul: Ancient protein for a healthy future

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Notes from the field

Crickets Return to Shark Tank


In March 2014, I had the honor of presenting the concept of insect protein to the Sharks on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank (Season 5, episode 21.) As many of you know, we received an investment from billionaire Mark Cuban, which launched a period of growth that we are currently still building. When I walked into the tank, I was still hand-making every bar. . .

Crickets at the 23rd International Climber's Festival

Crickets at the 23rd International Climber's Festival

Meet Chapul Brand Ambassador and professional climber Mark Evans at the International Climbers Festival in Lander Wyoming.