Tim "Van Lifer" Kelly - Chapul Ambassador

Tim "Van Lifer" Kelly - Chapul Ambassador

Tim Kelly Chapul Brand Ambassador supporting Chapul Community Climbing
One one of the guiding principles here at Chapul is our desire to work with good people who share our passion of working to make the world a better, more sustainable place. Tim Kelly, our newest Brand Ambassador, is a perfect example of the purpose-driven individual that makes up the Chapul community. Tim's a climber, skier, surfer, vanlifer, and a great ally in our quest to introduce insect protein to consumers to make the world a better place. Here’s a little more info on Tim:

Tim’s thirst for adventure and dedication to personal growth began with many years of traveling, surfing, mountain biking, and climbing. He graduated from Florida State in 2014 and quickly made home in a bright yellow Sprinter Van. Living simply, Tim spent his first summer in the van in Asheville, NC before heading west through Colorado and Utah to the “promised land”… California.

After working and saving for several months, Tim took a trip around the world and had the opportunity to climb in remote areas of Thailand and India. Tim’s climbing took a new direction when he returned to California and stepped foot on Sierra granite. New objects started to formulate around Yosemite and in the eastern Sierra.

Tim spent the remainder of 2015 working in Utah as a Wilderness Guide. A schedule of 2 weeks on and 2 off allowed him to thrive as a “dirtbag climber”. When winter rolled around, Tim settled in Salt Lake for its access to world-class skiing and ice climbing. Tim left the guiding job after a few weeks of winter stoke and took a job at Alta Ski Area to spend more time in the backcountry.

Tim Kelly - Chapul Brand Ambassador

Tim now works part-time doing sales and makes extended trips to Yosemite and beyond. This past spring Tim climbed El Capitan with the support of Chapul. It took him four days and 18 Chapul Bars to summit the Salathe Wall (mostly Chapul Matcha Bar, his favorite flavor). The van life provides Tim the freedom to work less and play more; the adventure is just getting started!

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Tim to the team as a Brand Ambassador, and look forward to fueling all of his explorations in the future. Check him out on Instagram at timothy_k_kelly or on facebook at facebook.com/timkelly05 to stay up to date on his travel and adventures.


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