Eating The New Chaco Cricket Bar In Every Environment

Chaco Bar: Peanut Butter and Chocolate

The reformulation of the Chaco Bar recipe best serves just about anyone interested in eating crickets or rather any complete protein energy food.

At 220 calories, only 8 grams of sugar and now 10 grams of protein the Chaco bar is my energy bar of choice, both during and after workouts for quick calorie consumption. It is a quick boost for fast calories.

The Protein Bar that does not Freeze hard when in cold alpine temperatures!

Chapul Chaco Cricket Protein Bar

I pack the Chaco Bar because it is easily palatable and everyone likes the taste. Sharing with friends in the backcountry is made easy. I have been looking for a bar that does not get hard when I bring it into cold temperatures as this requires a lot of energy to just try and consume your food. All Chapul bars have proven to stay soft when cold!

The Chaco Bar may be an American favorite but I can assure you it tastes the same anywhere you bring it! Enjoy the rest of your Spring while it is here!


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