Eating Cricket Flour for the first time

A New Protein on the Block: CRICKETS

Jessica Cockerham's Introduction To Eating Cricket Flour

Much of my extracurricular time is spent analyzing, pondering, and researching the best possible way to fuel my body. You could describe it as complete and utter fascination. I am absorbed by how our bodies respond to food and how we can tweak that to optimize how we both feel and perform.

Jessica Crockerman Chapul Cricket Protein

I’ve experimented with several different ways of eating (in chronological order):

  • Paleo
  • Ketogenic
  • IIFYM (if it fits your macros)
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan 
  • Vegan + IIFYM
  • Flexible vegan, plant-based + the occasional animal protein

Thhhat’s a lot. Yet I don't see it as hyper-restrictive. I'm driven by experimentation and curiosity.

What I’ve learned is that my body both feels and recovers best on:

1. Lots of green juice

2. A protein source

3. Loads of water

So at this point, I’d describe my approach to eating as more experimental than categorical. No diet labels. Just eating to feel good.

Chapul plays into this quite nicely. I first heard about Chapul's cricket protein powder and bars at Expo West in 2016, a trade show in Anaheim, CA that I attended as a blogger. The combination of good vibes at the booth, the bar’s flavor, and the unique key ingredient really cemented their spot on my radar.

When I started weightlifting in 2015 (give or take), I found that adding a clean and bioavailable source of protein to my diet helped me recover better, made me feel stronger, and remain lean. But, as many of you are likely aware, there are SO many protein products on the market. How do you navigate that world as a consumer?

I’ve found that looking for clean ingredients is a good start. Chapul packs a bunch of organic ingredients in their bars, which is a great indication that they seek quality as a company. They also feed their crickets a vegetarian, organic, and non-GMO diet.

I’m really stoked about this brand, the charisma of the people behind it, and am happy to be on board as an ambassador.


About Chapul:

Chapul introduces edible insects into Western Cuisine as a healthy and sustainable protein. We launched the first insect-protein product in the US with our award winning Chapul Cricket Bars, fortified with our signature cricket flour. We represent a growing food revolution intent on increasing the health of our food resources for our children and for the planet.


Products I Tried:

Matcha Green Tea Bar:

The Matcha Bar combines the hints of Japanese cuisine into a high protein, low sugar bar. Combining the richness of organic tahini and sesame seeds with sweet banana pieces, and a hint of bitterness from the matcha green tea, it is becoming a crowd favorite.

Aztec Dark Chocolate Bar:

Inspired by the Aztec roots, the dark chocolate, coffee, cayenne, and cinnamon make the Aztec Bar taste like a modern day Mexican Hot Chocolate, with a late blooming wave of cayenne heat. By mixing sweet, savory, and spicy, we’ve paired delicious with adventure.

Thai Coconut Bar:

Inspired by Thai jing leed recipes, our Thai Bar is a delicious mix of coconut, ginger, cricket flour, and a subtle twist of lime. Perfect for a summer day’s adventure.

Chaco Peanut Butter:

Our most popular flavor is good ‘ol peanut butter and chocolate. The name is inspired from the desert-dwelling Chaco culture, a pre-Columbian civilization in the Colorado River Watershed. The Chaco Bar is a delicious blend of peanut-butter and chocolate, packed with protein, and low in sugar.

Cricket Flour (High protein powder)

Inspired by traditions of Aztecan and other Native American cultures, we use an artisan, stone ground process to mill our Chapul Cricket Flour Protein Powder. Packed with a balanced, complete amino acid profile, use it to boost the protein content of any baked good, smoothie, or make your own delicious cricket bars.

Guest Author: Jessica Cockerham

Follow her adventures on Instagram: @JesRunOnOrganic

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