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Field Notes

Can Vegetarians Eat Insects? Guest Author: Matt Park

Post by  Adam Whitten Mar 24, 2017

Mental Floss: A Story of How I Became a Vegetarian That Eats Bugs By: Matt Park I grew up skiing in Utah, my dad is an excellent and avid skier who taught me to ski at the age of two. I grew up with long,...

Controversial new research regarding cricket farming? Not really. . .

Post by  Pat Crowley Apr 25, 2015

Here at Chapul world headquarters, we’re always on the lookout for innovators and insights to fuel the protein revolution. Two weeks ago, two University of California researchers – Mark Lundy and Michael Parrella – published a study of cricket “ranching” techniques which falls squarely into...

California: Thirsty for Crickets

Post by  Pat Crowley Sep 17, 2014

Two weeks ago, on the five-hour drive from San Francisco to Ventura, CA, my hometown, we zipped through hills and fields in various shades of brown. That drive, which traces the old Royal Road linking Spain’s mission settlements, paints California’s latest drought in sunburned tones....