Sampler Pack

Sampler Pack

Chapul is NON-GMO, All-Natural, High in Protein, and Gluten-Free

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Grab the Chapul Sampler Collection! 4 Chapul Bars, featuring one each of our unique gourmet flavors: Aztec Bar (dark chocolate, coffee, cayenne), Chaco Bar (peanut butter and chocolate), Thai Bar (coconut, ginger, lime), and Matcha (matcha green tea, goji berries, and nori), each gourmet, all natural bar is fortified with Chapul Cricket Flour.  Chapul cricket protein flour is a complete protein that is high in iron and and rich in Omega 3's. Nutritional information is available on the individual product pages.

Savor the Cultural Flavor

We designed each Chapul Bar around a distinct taste with spices and flavors to specific cultures. Each bar is unique in it's own way providing essential ammino acids, protein from crickets, and energy to fuel your everyday challenges and adventures

Matcha Green Tea

Our high-protien, low sugar bar inspired by Japanese cuisine. With an organic tahini base, its flavored with matcha green tea powder, superfood goji berries, sesame seeds and the salty taste of nori to finish it off

Aztec Dark Chocolate

An all-natural delicacy with organic dates, dark chocolate, coffee beans, Chapul cricket flour and a late blooming wave of cayenne heat. A nut free offering.

Thai Coconut

Take your taste buds to Thailand with a mix of coconut, ginger, and a tangy hint of lime flavoring a blend of rich almond butter and organic dates.

Chaco Peanut Butter

Good 'ol peanut butter and chocolate! Enjoy a rich blend of organic dates, peanut butter, 100% cocoa, Chapul cricket flour and a touch of organic raw honey.

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