Mayan Cocoa
Mayan Cocoa
Mayan Cocoa

Mayan Cocoa

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2x More Protein
Than Beef

4x More
Iron Than Spinach

More B12
than Salmon

Good Source
of Prebiotic Fiber

Chapul proudly supports this Theraputic Mayan Cocoa Powder. This line of therapeutic blends harnesses the healing powers of adaptogenic mushrooms and potent plants to boost your total health.

Inspired by ancient Mayan tradition, this specialty powder delights the senses and offers immune support. Made with dehydrated cricket powder, Dutch cocoa, cinnamon, cayenne, reishi and chaga mushrooms, maca and a kiss of coconut sugar, this decadent treat will not disappoint. Make a latte, next level pancakes and oatmeal, or incorporate into your favorite baking projects.