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Melissa Hartwig:

co-founder Whole30

"I love this protein powder!"
"I've been drinking one daily post-workout for nearly a month now. and it's changed my portable protein game"

Chapul as seen on:

2X more protein than Beef

More B12 than Salmon

4X more iron than Spinach

Chocolate Protein Powder


Vanilla Protein Powder


100% Pure Cricket Protien Powder


We use an artisan, stone ground process to mill our Chapul Cricket Flour Protein Powder, then blend it with other plant proteins, fibers, and flavors to create a delicious, high-protein, nutrient dense powder. Packed with a balanced, complete amino acid profile and prebiotic fiber, and free from the hormones and allergens found in soy and whey, use it to boost the protein content of any baked good, smoothie, or make your own delicious cricket bars. 1lb bag.

Melissa Hartwig on Chapul

"I love this protein powder! First, because I know you're thinking it... it tastes like any other whey, soy, or egg white protein. (Actually, it tastes better, because it doesn't have a bunch of artificial crap or a ton of sugar.) And for those like me who can't do whey, won't do soy, and want a complete protein-dense option, this is the best thing in the world. I've been drinking one daily post-workout for nearly a month now, and it's changed my portable protein game."


  • In 2014 Chapul was featured on ABC's Shark tank and ultimately struck a deal with Mark Cuban. Since then we've not only mastered the art of the cricket bar, but we've also developed an incredible cricket protein powder that delivers unrivaled health benefits. Give it a try today!