Chapul's SUPERFOOD Cricket Protein:

  • >> Is a Minimally-Processed, Clean Protein:No negative phytoestrogens that are in soy here! And it's more digestible than whey protein and other meat substitutes.
  • >> Helps You Naturally Burn Fat: Packed with balanced, complete amino acids, prebiotic fiber, and quality protein (2x more protein than beef).
  • >> Helps You Build Muscle Faster:It helps you build and keep muscle, slow insulin levels which slows aging, and promotes longevity.
  • >> Naturally Increase Your Iron & B12 For More Energy: Did you know iron & B12 deficiency is considered an epidemic in the U.S.? With 4x more iron than spinach and 4x more B12 than salmon, we've got you covered.
  • >> Gives You Better Brain & Gut Health: With omega 3 fatty acids, natural iron and B12 levels, and 3g of prebiotic fiber, you get multiple nutrients working for you to improve gut health and brain function (hello smart you ;)
  • >> Is Better For The Planet:Crickets are the most sustainable form of protein, using far fewer resources (land and water) to grow.

What People Are Saying:

"Chapul Protein Powders are my new go-to daily source of protein, B12, and Bioavailable Iron. I recommend it to all my clients, many of whom struggle to get enough iron and B-12 in their diets. Chapul fills that void in a way vegetable protein powders can't, while also providing an alternative to whey or other animal-based proteins... and they taste great!"

Lindsay LaPaugh, Hollistic Nutritionist, HHC, AADP, @wellnessgypsy

“Chapul Bars and Protein Powders are incredible. They've fueled my adventures all over the world and have given me the sustained energy and nutrition to go all day long. Their sustainability mission is on point. I haven't found a company that walks the walk like Chapul does, in providing a positive and optimistic path towards a more healthy, sustainable future.”

Jaime Sharp, Professional Adventure Kayaker

"Chapul gives me hops! Their real-food protein powders fuel me every single day, without all the sugar, chemicals and artificial flavors of other brands. Many thanks, Chapul - axé all day!”

Jamaika Romualdo, Capoeira Mestre


A: Crickets are an ancient nutritional source that outperforms all other proteins available on conventional shelves. Chapul cricket protein powder is also a minimally-processed, clean protein that contains all the essential amino acids for healthy muscle growth and development. Crickets do not contain the negative phytoestrogens that are in soy, and are more digestible than whey protein and other meat substitutes. Which means it's an ideal daily protein powder for those wanting to build muscle and lose weight.

Cricket protein powder is also a complete protein, high in iron, B12, omega 3s, prebiotic fiber, and calcium and is much more digestible than soy and whey (the majority of other protein powders). It's also the most sustainable form of protein, using far fewer resources (land and water) to grow.

A: Chapul's Protein Powder is quick & easy to make (just add water or blend with your smoothie favs). You can also use it to boost the protein content of any baked good, smoothie, or make your own delicious cricket bars.

A: They have an earthly flavor similar to roasted sunflower seeds, or hemp protein.

A: No, you would never know they were in there unless I told you. The protein powder blend tastes smooth and like vanilla or chocolate.

A: Did you know that producing the meat for ONE hamburger requires more water than you use in all of your showers for an entire year?!? Our agricultural system is depleting our water sources faster than they can replenish themselves.

Cricket protein requires a tiny fraction of the water that cows need to produce the same amount of protein. Switching your protein base is the ultimate way for you to conserve water.

Additionally, methane is a natural byproduct of animal digestion. It is a greenhouse gas, which means it captures the sun’s heat and warms up the atmosphere. That is all to say that cow poop is a substantial contributor to climate change.

Eating crickets reduces the demand for cows, in turn reducing the quantity of cow poop, making you a climate change super-star!

A: Sure. However, the iron, B12, and prebiotic fiber found in Chapul's Protein Powder is bioavailable to your body, which means you're getting more nutrients for the money. Also, it's packed with all these real-food nutrients in one delicious serving.

A: We work with cricket farmers in North America to raise our crickets in a controlled environment, raised on an organic, non-gmo feed.

A: Crickets are 100% safe to consumer. They are an ancient protein that most of the world STILL eats, and is even considered a delicacy in some places. Our crickets are fed a pure vegetable diet that is organic and non-gmo. We are constantly trying to make our feed supply as sustainable as possible, capturing agricultural side streams such as corn husks and broccoli stalks, that currently go to waste.

A: Not only is cricket protein 100% safe for kids and adults, in taste tests kids LOVE this shake! Plus eating crickets is a fun adventure for them and gives them legit bragging rights.

A: Yes, Pat was on Shark Tank and we received an investment from Mark
Cuban. He has been a big part of our team, having a full-time staff
dedicated to helping out his companies.

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