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Frequently Asked Questions

Crickets have been grown in the US for almost a century. It was an easy switch to convert them to being raised for human consumption, which is basically feeding them an organic feed.

We work with cricket farmers in North America to raise our crickets in a controlled environment, raised on an organic, non-gmo feed.

Our crickets are fed a pure vegetable diet that is organic and non-gmo. We are constantly trying to make our feed supply as sustainable as possible, capturing agricultural side streams such as corn husks and broccoli stalks, that currently go to waste.

Brown Cricket, latin name: Acheta Domestica

There was evidence of a correlation between shellfish allergy and crickets, so we conservatively put that on the label. Crickets, lobsters, shrimp, crabs, are all arthropods and the exoskeleton/shell is made from chitin (pronounced, ky-tin).

Pat, the founder, was working as a hydrologist (water planner), trying to figure out where our future food and water will come from when he discovered the idea of eating insects as a sustainable source of food. They use far less water than any other livestock or other protein source and since they are eaten all around the world, decided to introduce them in a culturally acceptable, and delicious, form of energy bars.

They have an earthly flavor similar to roasted sunflower seeds, or hemp protein.

No, you would never know they were in there unless I told you.

Yes, Pat was on Shark Tank and we received an investment from Mark Cuban. He has been a big part of our team, having a full-time staff dedicated to helping out his companies.

We make gourmet energy bars and add a protein powder that we make from crickets. Our crickets are oven roasted and stone ground into a fine protein powder that is a complete protein (contains all the essential amino acids) and is high in calcium, iron, B12 and Omega3’s.

Roughly 20-30 crickets/bar.

They are definitely the most delicious, with gourmet ingredients and spices. Cricket protein is also a complete protein, high in iron and calcium and is much more digestible than soy and whey (the majority of other bars.) It is also the most sustainable form of protein, using far fewer resources (land and water) to grow.