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2x More Protein
Than Beef

4x More
Iron Than Spinach

More B12
than Salmon

Good Source
of Prebiotic Fiber

Chapul proudly supports these therapeutic powders!

This line of therapeutical blends harnesses the healing powers of adaptogenic mushrooms, potent plants, and crickets to boost your total health. Enjoy in a warm or cold latte, add to oatmeal, pancakes, smoothies, or incorporate into your favorite baking projects.

Crimson Root: This is a supportive mix that optimizes your detoxification processes. Powered by adaptogenic ashwagandha, crickets, beet powder, ginger, orange peel, cardamom, and mesquite. 

Golden Milk: This golden milk recipe draws on the Ayurvedic traditions of India. Our golden milk embraces the anti-inflammatory power of turmeric, enhanced with a dash of black pepper. With warming and grounding spices like cinnamon, cardamom and ginger, you are bound to feel peaceful with a cup in your hand. 

Green Vitality: This green superfood mix will help to detoxify and maintain balance in the body. Made with the healing power of nature in mind, mineral rich ingredients like nettle, spirulina, peppermint, matcha, astragalus and lemon bring a nutrient dense serving of deliciousness. 

Mayan Cocoa: Inspired by ancient Mayan tradition, this specialty powder delights the senses and offers immune support. Made with dehydrated cricket powder, Dutch cocoa, cinnamon, cayenne, reishi and chaga mushrooms, maca and a kiss of coconut sugar, this decadent treat will not disappoint. 

*If you have a shellfish crustacean allergy, you may be allergic to this product.*