The Health Benefits of Cricket Flour

When Chapul revolutionized the protein bar market in 2014 with its first Chapul bars, it knew cricket flour was good for the environment and a solid protein source. Since that time, the market for insect-based protein has boomed, and with it so has the research into its health benefits. Whether you're looking for muscle gains, a healthy heart, gut or mind, B-12 or iron, our new line of Chapul cricket flours is not only highly sustainable, it's packed with the nutrition you need to operate at your very best. Here are five evidenced-based reasons we think Chapul cricket flour should be part of your food regimen.  Cricket flour is a complete protein (23g per serving) Like whey protein supplements, cricket flour...

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Ancient Customs offer Future Solutions

As savvy Western consumers turn to insects as a sustainable source of protein, African cultures that have long adopted this practice are being disrupted by Western diets. Some international organizations are stepping in to preserve these ancient customs for the future.  Food Customs at Serious Risk Insect bars and cricket flour have only recently been introduced to the Western world. Part of the argument for doing so has been that two billion of the world’s population already eats insects, engaging in some form of entomophagy on a fairly consistent basis. It’s an entirely human—and increasingly pressing—behavior to practice. The combination of sustainability and high nutrition makes it attractive for Western consumers. This same equation has led peoples elsewhere to honor...

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