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Potential solution to depression, dementia, and multiple sclerosis - Vitamin B12

 Vitamin B12-deficiency is linked to the depression, dementia, and unhealthy aging. Dietary sources remain the gold standard, but pay attention to the finer details. Absorption and bioavailability matter.    According to the Anxiety and Depression Association, depression is “the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for ages 15 to 44,” affecting about 6.7% of the U.S. population. When thinking more generally about neurological disorders, the figure is much higher. In Europe it’s estimated that “neuropsychiatric diseases make up approximately 35% of the total burden of disease in Europe.“ [1] Neurologists are discovering that, despite their very different origins, many of these diseases involve improperly functioning metabolic pathways, largely due to poor nutrition. Within this context, one of the...

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