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Eating Crickets in Moab

Eating insects is easy: start with crickets!

Entomophagy: the practice of eating insects

Utah was put on the map when our founder Pat Crowley pitched edible cricket flour as an alternative protein source. This disrupted previously well-defined relationships in the food industry. Eklecticafe in Moab quickly became one of our top supporters.

Eklecitacafe Moab Utah Chapul Cricket Flour

Meandering through Utah's vast variety of landscapes often leads to the town of Moab. Known for its hot desert landscape, unparalleled sunsets, sandstone arches, and expansive towers, it brings a heavy flow of tourist traffic.

Moab Dead Horse Chapul Cricket Flour Eklecticafe

Open only for breakfast and lunch, Eklectic is the hot spot for an early bite before hitting the trails. Don't let the line out the door deter you. The turnaround time is astonishingly fast and there is plenty of seating for everyone. Just grab a Chapul Cricket bar as an appetizer and one or two for road. You can find them on the glass pastry display just ahead of you upon entering.


After ordering and being seated, your food will be served immediately. In fact I think my bacon and eggs came out before I had time to sit down. Wow.

Eklecticafe Moab Chapul Cricket Flour

Now stock up on your favorite protein for your on-the-go treats. And leave the home cooking for Eklectic Cafe when you arrive in Moab.

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