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Clean Plates Gives the Scoop on Chapul

Hot on the heels of our Shark Tank airing the folks at Clean Plates present a nice article on our success. Keep adding bugs to those bowls, and keep licking 'em clean!

Headed into the Shark Tank!

Big news, Pat's taking the plunge into the Shark Tank. Our air date is March 21st - be sure to check it out and see if Chapul is able to tame those big fishes!

Our adventure to Expo West

In a nice write up by WIlliam Brisby, Chapul's debut at the Natural Foods Expo West is given a highlight. It was an incredible experience and we can't wait for March 2015!

A quick shout out from the good folks at USA Today

Even though we're only briefly mentioned, USA Today makes note that Chapul has gone worldwide! Spanning the globe and uniting the world with crickets.....well, maybe someday.

Fox News heads to SLC, eats ours bars, loves them!

We invited a great crew from Fox News into our kitchen for a sampling of crickets - and boy were they impressed! 

The future of food in the Lone Star State

Chapul heads to Texas to participate in the Future Food Salon. Focused on entomophagy, bugs were served in every way possible, including our three delicious flavors.

Chapul a Million Dollar Idea? Why, thank you.

Eater LA

Could it be a new industry in the making?

In a wonderful piece by Parija Kavilanz for CNN Money, Pat is interviewed and the consensus is that there's not just a market for cricket bars, there's a new industry in the making. To all you revolutionaries who've joined in so far, thanks for being with us from the beginning!

by Parija Kavilanz

Join the Revolution or Feed the Revolution? Why not both!


Those lab coat wearing revolutionaries over at Science 2.0 get behind Chapul and give their support for the future of insect protein in the US, viva la revolucion!

Chapul - Leading the way in Odd News?


We're used to getting coverage as a company in the food and business press, but this may be a first. UPI featured this snippet on Chapul in the "Odd News" section, they may know us better than we think!

Food of the future and an ancient tradition? Wrap your mind around that one.


We'd like to think we're expanding people's horizons when it comes to entomophagy and Huliq comes through with an article explaining how eating bugs is both old and new, now and then. 

The American Museum of Natural History Serves Chapul Bars At The New York Academy of Sciences

debut of Chapul at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum

At an event we're sad we missed, Louis Sorkin from the American Museum of Natural History lectured on entomophagy at the New York Academy of Sciences. And what was served up for dessert? Chapul bars of course! LiveScience covers the talk and gives us a shout out, many thanks to Louis, AMNH, NYAS and LiveScience!

by Louis Sorkin

Pat is Back On KUTV


These guys just can't get enough of our own Pat Crowley. In a brand new segment Pat is interviewed about the UN's FAO report on the future of ebile insects as a global food source. Pat delivers and our Chaco bar gets the seal of approval from KUTV once more!


The Chapul Crew Grabs the PolicyMic


After mentins of hot ant soup, sauteed bee larvae, roasted tarantulas and midge fly cake our bars come off sounding so...ordinary. Medha Chandorkar gets behind the UN's mission to create a global, sustainable insect protein industry and happens to bring us up...thanks!

Get the "Slatest" on Chapul


In a reprint of the article from New Scientist the folks at Slate bring their readers up to speed with the growth in the world of edible insects. It's such a nice Q & A, why not head back for a second helping?

Let them eat crickets!

Eater LA

our crickets and our ideas!

Tiffany O'Callaghan is pursuing new ideas for New Scientist as she runs through an interview with Pat. See where we get our name, our crickets and our ideas!

by Tiffany O'Callaghan

Pat Went Racing Through the Rain for KSL


A midday thunderstorm wasn't enough to stop our own Pat Crowley from riding his bike to meet up with local Salt Lake station KSL for a very nice interview on the UN's report on the benefits of eating insects. As water conservation is our goal, getting a little love from the skies is never a hassle.

by KSL

The Sierra Club says "Eat Your Bugs!"


Very exciting for us as Chapul is a feature piece in the July/August issue of Sierra Magazine! Author Peter Frick-Wright visited Salt Lake City and travelled with Pat to Lakeside Cave, a historic location of mass insect gathering for Native Americans. We could go on but check out this great article on the future entomophagy, thanks Peter!

by Peter Frick-Wright

Changing Views - One Bite at a Time


We've gone international again as the folks at CCTV come to Salt Lake City to interview Pat. While insect protein is nothing new in Asia, CCTV's stateside audience is sure to be introduced to a whole new phenomenon!


New Ideas in the Old Pueblo


Thanks to the Tucson Weekly for a nice little snippet on Chapul. We're going strong in Tucson and though we aren't part of a new world order as per the article, we're happy to confirm that we are tasty and healthy. Bear Down Arizona!<

NutraNews Breaks Down the Bugs


You want the numbers? Check out the details over on NutraNews where our bars are broken down and the nutrional facts are handed out. Complete protein? Check! High in calcium and iron? Check! Delicious? Check! We get the nutrional thumbs up and have "impressive macros". Awww shucks, you've got us blushing!

Oh Doctor! Chapul Gets a TV Taste Test


The panel of the TV show "The Doctors" is made up of, well, doctors. On an exercise based episode the docs give our bars a try and love 'em! These guys even went out and did their own research on the health benefits of bugs and give us the thumbs up; we always love getting that good bill of health.

Chapul is Going Back to School


Well, sorry to disappoint but this more health focused than a tribute to Rodney Dangerfield. The ladies at HerCampus give a run through of the health benefits of our bars while making some nice contrasts between beef and insect protein.

by Rodney Dangerfield

Hometown Boy Makes Good


In an interview with the CBS station in Phoenix, Pat (our own Phoenix native) runs thought the benefits of bugs from what may be his office or secluded jungle getaway. As a bonus, KPHO visits Arizona Hiking Shack and shows the first on camera glimpse of our new display boxes, hot off the press.

Festivals, Fairs and the FAO!


A nice article on growing business of entomophagy focusing on the London Pestival, LA Bug Fair and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organtization. Oh, there happens to be a big chunk dedicated to our own founder and van driver, Pat Crowley!

ABC: Chapul is on a mission, and "raising eyebrows for...unique ingredients..."


The good people over at ABC News give a nice introduction to Chapul and our mission.  “Raising eyebrows for [our&91; unique ingredients…”  Yup, and filling bellies with nutritious, environmentally sound whole protein.  We've got a box of Thai bars with Diane Sawyer's name on them...and we just might throw in a handsome organic cotton Chapul t-shirt, 'cause we're big-hearted like that.

Chapul is "starting a revolution - with crickets." Quite so.

“Chapul is starting a revolution – with crickets.”

Michelle McGuinness says “Chapul is starting a revolution – with crickets.”  Yes indeedy.  Join us!

by Michelle McGuinness

Chapulines on guacamole, Chapul bars for protein!


Starre Vartan over at Mother Nature Network shows her culinary savvy by ordering salted chapulines to spice up a bowl of guac, and gives a nice summary of the nutritional and environmental benefits of entomophagy.

by Starre Vartan

Salt Lake Trib talks Chapul's local roots


The Salt Lake Trib reminds readers of Chapul’s local roots – the Utes and Southern Paiutes both happily munched insects “in droves.”

Catalyst: When you hear crickets, think "dinner bell"


"moist, with a fresher, richer taste than most commercial snack or energy bars."

Adele Flail wonders if chirping crickets might soon remind listeners of a dinner bell, and pronounces Chapul bars "moist, with a fresher, richer taste than most commercial snack or energy bars."

by Adele Flail
Adele Flail

Chapul at Sundance - The Sequel!


A nice piece on your favorite bug guys with a shout out from Chapul supporter and uber-chef Tom Woodbury. We'll be sure to not let all of this attention go to our heads, just like crickets our heads are very, very small.

by Tom Woodbury

Pat in Park City - Crickets at Sundance Film Fest - Part 1


Every year hundreds of unknowns hope to make their big break at Sundance, this year it looks like Pat Crowley is the one making it to the A-list. Our own celebrity chef gives an in depth look in to what goes in to those cricket bars that have the audiences cheering.

The Bars so Nice They Tried Them Twice


The lovely folks at WCTV were so interested in Chapul that they aired two, unique segements on us. Check out the videos and see the nice things that Tallahassee locals have to say about about the crickets invading their community.


Spring Break! Chapul Makes it to the Florida Panhandle


We're proud to say our bars have made it to Tallahassee. Florida State University's NPR station featured an interview with JB from Chapul where they talk just as much about crickets as they do about the Lion King. Hakuna mata, baby!


Chapul Goes Feature Length in Edible Wasatch


The foodies are at the gates of Chapul and we happily welcome them in. With a big spread in the winter edition of Edible Wasatch (pgs 8-10) we're thrilled to introduce ourselves to those connoisseurs out there and get them chowing down on the finest insects on the market. While crickets may not be on any gourmet menus yet, our dedicated customers give us five stars all the time!

Frank the Tank Goes Three for Three!


We can't thank Frank Phelan of Living Earth Grocery in Worcester enough - he took the time to talk about Chapul for the paper, then radio, and now TV!  He hit the press trifecta and we hope Living Earth is swarming with customers. A big "thank you" to Frank for his acceptance of Chapul and his bold stance in promoting insect protein. 

by Frank Phelan

Massachusetts Radio Takes Chapul to the Airwaves


Hot on the heels of newspaper coverage of our explosion on to the scene in the North-East, local radio station WBZ 1030 interviews Frank Phelan of Living Earth. Who would have thought that chirping crickets would make for great talk radio?

by Frank Phelan

The East Coast Invasion Has Begun


Instead of migrating south for the winter we decided to head east, Massachusetts specifically. Check out this article from the Worcester Telegraph on our first location in New Englad and the reaction locals are having — "It is great, man!"

Video killed the radio star: Chapul on campus

Look who won the taste test

Over here at Chapul HQ, we like to keep the focus on the bugs. Because you aren't getting a protein boost by watching one of us flap our gums, am I right? That said, two of our favorite people on this crazy blue marble, Josh Walter and BJ Alden over at Claremont McKenna College, put together a great video introducing Chapul and showing a series of lip-smacking taste tests by CMC students, and we thought we'd share. Enjoy!

by Josh Walter and BJ Alden

LL Cool Chapul (Ladies Love Cool Chapul)

"bug eating won't be reserved for adventurous Anthony Bourdain types for much longer."

...and we love this snapshot of buggy goodness from Women's Health.  As they point out in a slideshow on food trends, "bug eating won't be reserved for adventurous Anthony Bourdain types for much longer."  And with a delicious, nutritious option like Chapul energy bars just a few mouse clicks away, why should they be?

Adventure Journal: Chapul is "an energy bar with a real difference"

Chapul is "an energy bar with a real difference"

Brendan Leonard, who is clearly both a gentleman and an epicurean scholar, provides a nice introduction to Chapul bars over at the Adventure Journal.

by Brendan Leonard

HuffPo: Chapul "attacks global concerns with an unusual new snack"

introducing Americans and Europeans to efficient, environmentally-friendly insect protein.

Robin Wilkey at The Huffington Post gives a nice overview of Chapul's roots and strategy for introducing Americans and Europeans to efficient, environmentally-friendly insect protein through our tasty bars. Over here in Chapuland, we're HuffPo readers, and we think that Arianna should wear a "Feed the Revolution" t-shirt the next time she goes on The Daily Show. Stylish, revolutionary apparel, just a phone call away.

by Robin Wilkey

SF Foodie Blog Serving Seconds Gives Chapul Bars the Love

"pass the crickets, please"

One of our favorite food bloggers, Melissa over at Serving Seconds says "pass the crickets, please," and backs Chapul on Kickstarter. You betcha...one box of delicious Chapul bars on their way. We're looking forward to hearing feedback on our recipes from refined palettes like Melissa's. We'll bet you one organic cotton t-shirt that you love 'em!

by Melissa

Utah's City Weekly: "Fresher taste and less processed texture than Clif"

"Fresher taste and less processed texture than Clif"

Salt Lake City's Rob Tennant (clearly both a gentleman and a scholar) tried our Chaco and Thai bars, and pronounces them "much better" than a "big name commercial product you might throw into your backpack for a day hike." We're biased, but Chapul bars are pretty tasty, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on our recipes after you give 'em a try!

by Rob Tennant

SF Weekly: Head over to Kickstarter to try Chapul Bars. We concur.

we think it can change the world for the better

'Nuff said, we think. Many thanks to Tamara Palmer and SF Weekly for getting the word out. And as she suggests, you can check out our Kickstarter video to learn more about efficient insect protein and how and why we think it can change the world for the better.

by Tamara Palmer

Ski Channel & U.S. Olympian Cal Chythlook-Sisof: "We like Chapul Bars"

"this sick new product...is revolutionary."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. The Ski Channel tells their readers that Chapul bars are "good, really good," and says "this sick new product...is revolutionary." And for anybody who wants a peek at what cricket energy can do for you, check out Callan Chythlook-Sisof, a Winter X Games silver medalist and the first native Alaskan on the U.S. Olympic team. Go Cal...Sochi 2014!

Chapul on CBS News in Utah

explaining Chapul's inspiration, recipes and mission

Watch Pat and Ruth on KUTV News in Salt Lake City, explaining Chapul's inspiration, recipes and mission to invest profits in water sustainability projects. Mary - you're brave, and we love ya for it. Let us know if you have a craving for some Chapul energy and protein on those early morning reporting excursions and we'll set you up..

Nerdegade says Chapul bars are "way better" than Clif

"super delicious, like a super moist Clif bar, but way better."

Adriana Yugovich at Nerdegade reports on her behind-the-scenes experience at Bug Fair 2012, including her taste test of Chapul bars (scroll halfway down the page). We'll spare you the suspense: "super delicious, like a super moist Clif bar, but way better." And Adriana - we think you're pretty cool, too. We're particularly enamored of your finely tuned energy bar palette.

by Adriana Yugovich

Arizona loves Chapul!

AZ Daily

Kudos to Carli Brousseau and the Daily Star team

The Arizona Daily Star carried a great piece on Chapul and the case for insect protein in their Sunday edition, with pictures of Ruth whipping up a tasty batch of bars and the Chapul team sporting our revolutionary finest. Kudos to Carli Brousseau and the Daily Star team for a solid overview of the environmental importance and history of insects as food.

Chapul in Eater LA

Eater LA

debut of Chapul at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum

Eater LA announces the product debut of Chapul at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum on May 19 and 20.